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[S1E12] Back In The Day

The flashback to Olivia and Asher's hook up made it look worse than it had previously sounded. Asher didn't appear all that drunk, and could easily see how messed up she was. It felt like he took advantage of her when he should have walked away.

[S1E12] Back in the Day


It seems that the other alien race was successful in its invasion of Earth. There's no immediate explanation, however, as the episode shifts back to present day, where young Harry continues his search for the alien baby, desperate to hear the rest of Goliath's message.

Now that the case is under federal jurisdiction, Detective Torres (Nicola Correia-Damude) takes her leave, though Mike doesn't seem too torn up about it. When Liv asks why he didn't ask her out, he says that he's not interested in putting more roots down in Colorado. In fact, he's thinking about heading back to D.C. where there's more action.

Down at town hall, Mayor Ben Hawthorne (Levi Fiehler) lays out his plans for a luxury resort in Patience. The idea is met with overwhelming backlash from the town's lifelong citizens who don't want their quiet home choked with traffic and big chains that will bankrupt the mom and pop business like Dan's diner, for instance. Ben counters with the argument that more money in the local economy would allow them to clean up the contaminated creek and provide more resources for the school and sheriff's department.

Episode 12 answers this mystery by fast forwarding back to the post-apocalyptic future that opened this week's story. Shedding his wrinkled and deteriorating human body, Harry wanders the decimated planet in alien form for several centuries. While he once hoped to see Earth and its people erased from the universe like Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz, the cosmic visitor now considers this little blue marble to be his home and vows to do whatever is necessary to save it.

After the many developments of last week's episode, this week's installment takes place wholly in the past, transporting us back to the day that Jack, Rebecca, Kevin, Kate and Randall became a family.

Unsurprisingly, Margaret goes back to Nucky, but we're still not sure why. Is she looking out for her and her children's future or does she have genuine feelings for him? With Margaret back, the control of Atlantic City secured for another term, and most of his enemies either dead or in exile, it looks as if Nucky has tied up most of the loose ends.

But a more homegrown insurrection looks set to challenge Nucky for power as a triumvirate of rivals convene. The recovering Commodore, still enraged at Nucky's lenience towards the maid, has a heart-to-heart with his son, Jimmy. He wants revenge. We learn that back in the day the Commodore took a jail-time fall for an election rigging scandal. The plan was for Nucky to keep his seat warm for him until the Commodore got out. But Nucky held on to power, and the Commodore has been festering with rage ever since. "Nucky was like a son to me, but you're my flesh and blood, boy." The Commodore tells Jimmy.

Jill and Tina spoke privately and Tina let Jill know that she was completely over her, and felt bad for her opposed to feeling angry anymore. And adding salt to the wound, she told Jill she believes she would end up alone and Jill was fully taken aback.

Sakura calls out to her father when he's just about to leave. Fujitaka asks Sakura if his lecture was too difficult, Sakura says that it's really interesting and really understandable, Fujitaka says that he's glad. Fujitaka asks Sakura what she wants for dinner, Sakura is surprised and asks if it was her brother's turn to do the dinner. Fujitaka says that Touya has an exam the next day and he switched with Fujitaka. The bell rings and Sakura is upset that recess is already over. Fujitaka says that recess always feel so short. Sakura and Fujitaka wave and Sakura heads back to class.

Sakura uses Fly so that she can get up to the clock tower. Sakura thinks for a second and she understands that it is a presence of a Clow Card. Sakura gets closer until a strange looking guy uses magic and turns back time. Sakura doesn't understand and asks Kero, Kero can't say anything because time is going back. Time stops and turns back from the time Sakura finished getting into her Fairy outfit.

Sakura asks Kero what card it is, Kero says that it's The Time Card. Kero says that it's a card dealing with time and it freely controls the flow of time. Tomoyo once again says that the camera is stand-by. Sakura once again flies there, Kero says that people with no-magic ability doesn't feel anything when time is controlled. Kero says that Time chose the biggest clock and fused with it. Sakura asks Kero if it'll rewind an entire day, Kero says that the power to rewind occurs once a day, he also says that it's only possible right after midnight. Sakura looks at the tower and realizes that it's almost midnight, Sakura goes forward, but Time stops time and turns it back

Time turns back to the time where Sakura finished getting into her Fairy outfit, again. Kero says that it's getting tiring repeating the same day three times. Syaoran comes and asks them what their doing, Sakura ignores this and asks him what happened to his face, seeing a bandage there. Tomoyo says that the ball hit his face as he turned around, Sakura says that the ball ended up in the goal anyways. Tomoyo said it was amazing.

Sakura then appears behind him, trying to capture him, but Time notices this and starts to turn back time, but then Syaoran breaks the window and tells Sakura to use the Shield card fast. Sakura uses the Shield and shields Tomoyo, Kero, Syaoran and herself. Time notices this and tries to run away, Syaoran looks at him and says that he's trying to run away.

Syaoran uses his sword and he uses one of his ofuda cards, he uses Raitei Shourai and Time stays in place as Sakura captures him. Once he's captured, the card goes to Syaoran instead of Sakura, Sakura asks why. Kero says that the card is owned by the one who turned it back to it's original shape. Sakura says that she's the one that sealed it, Kero says that Syaoran was the one that held back the power of Time, so he got the card.

Captain Jack Harkness and Toshiko Sato investigate a report that music from the 1940s has been drifting out of a derelict dance hall called "the Ritz". They enter the dance hall and are transported back to 20 January 1941 through a temporal shift. The hall is full of people dancing to live music. They go downstairs to return to the present, but cannot resist going back to 1941 once more. When they go downstairs for the second time they do not go back to the present, and they realise they are trapped.

"James Harper" and Toshiko devise a plan to leave the second half of an equation on something that will last through time so back in the present day, Torchwood can find it and combine it with the half they have already. The full equation will let them bring Toshiko and "James Harper" back to the present. Toshiko finds the manager, Bilis Manger, has a Polaroid camera, which has not yet been invented. While taking the photo, Toshiko misses the first part of the equation. When Bilis gets the camera, she must find another way to get this part back to present. She decides to use her own blood and writes the missing bit of the equation on a card. She puts the card inside a can for the Torchwood team. Back in the present day, Ianto and Owen find they cannot get through to Toshiko when they try to call her. They order Gwen to investigate. Just as Gwen hears music drifting from 1941, "James Harper" and Toshiko hear Gwen's calls drifting the other way. Back at the Hub, Ianto and Owen argue over the best way to bring them back. Ianto realises the real reason why Owen wants to open the rift is to bring back Diane Holmes.

Disheartened, "James" returns to the edge of the dance floor where he is joined by Toshiko. He says tomorrow Jack will lead his men in a routine training exercise to be surprised by the Messerschmitts. Jack kills three of them before dying when his plane bursts into flames. His men all make it back to safety.

Back in 1941, "James" and Toshiko sit at a table. "James" explains someone brought him back to life one day and hints he has not been able to die ever since. "James" apologises to Toshiko for "dragging" her into "James's" business. Toshiko replies it was her choice to get involved. "James" promises her he will look after her but breaks down when he realises that there is nothing that can be done to save Jack.

During the next song, Jack stands at the other side of the dance floor, thinking about what "James" has told him. He takes "James's" hand and they begin to dance to the slow music, not even taking mind of the shocked dancers stopping to look at them. They start to kiss, but are interrupted by the rift bursting open in the doorway. Toshiko rushes to it and pleads with "James" to follow her. James" explains to Jack that it is his duty, unwillingly lets go and heads towards the rift. At the last minute, "James" turns back to kiss Jack passionately before letting him go again. In the rift, "James" turns around to face the real Jack who salutes him before he vanishes.

Margaret discovers Nucky had a son who died shortly after childbirth. After talking with him, she becomes convinced he is kind at heart. Jimmy describes his life in the trenches to Angela, and the two agree to go back to the happier times before the war. However, when she receives a postcard from Paris, she cuts her long hair that Jimmy was so fond of, disappointing him. Van Alden, who vowed to leave Atlantic City unless he received a sign from God, learns from Lucy that she is pregnant.

IGN gave the episode a score of 8.5. The website said, "As Harding's victory speech calls for a return to normalcy, despite Margaret back in his life, Nucky is poised to return to anything but. 'Everyone of us must decide how much sin we can live with.' The amount Nucky has chosen for himself threatens to bite him in the ass, despite the episode's 'happy' ending. For Boardwalk to raise the bar it's already placed quite high, this consequence thing will have to get more play in a second season. For the only thing that can be better than Nucky getting away 'fast, [and] totally devoid of any emotion' is watching him squirm when there are no clean getaways."[2] 041b061a72


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