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WA Production €? What About EDM Dance Lollipop

The inaugural edition in 1991 was a surprise massive success. For Dave Grohl of Nirvana, who saw it in Los Angeles, the festival helped change the mentalities in the music industry. The Butthole Surfers opened the day, playing in front of a big audience, and Siouxsie and the Banshees "were like the Led Zeppelin of that scene". "It felt like something was happening, that was the beginning of it all".[24] In an interview filmed on the opening day in Phoenix, rapper Ice-T stated: "I know it is gonna be a tour people are gonna talk about for a long time".[25] That year, Farrell also coined the term "Alternative Nation" when talking about the festival.[26] In 2020, when rating the first edition as the greatest US tour in 35 years, Spin wrote that it "changed the trajectory of the '90s, helping usher the alternative era into the mainstream. [...] Lollapalooza provided a common home for artists on the mainstream periphery. [...] Lolla became the template for what became the modern American festival."[7]

WA Production – What About EDM Dance Lollipop

Health educators believe that festival-goers should receive information about how much time it takes for effects of a drug to set in and how long those effects are expected to last, along with potential risks from usage. This information can prevent overdosage and reduce damage, but it's rarely made available at dance music events. For instance, at Electric Zoo this year, education was limited to a video about club drugs that every ticket holder had to watch to activate their digital entry bracelets. The public service announcement had the potential to be a public safety initiative. But instead the video perpetuated misconceptions about the drug and the people who use it.

Driessen sees a connection between dance music culture and ecstasy, and believes it has to do with the nature of the music. "The bass goes on and on in the same motion. Ecstasy can get you hooked onto the motion," he said. "You start to understand the music more." But this combination is not unique. "At rock concerts people will drink shit loads of alcohol. Then what are you gonna do, ban all parties? That's not a solution."

Recently, on the first anniversary of her daughter's death, she launched Amend the RAVE Act, a campaign that petitions members of the Congress to rectify the law. The campaign points out that promoters fail to provide measures like educational literature about drug use and temperature-controlled spaces, because they fear prosecution for "maintaining a drug-involved premises," as the current law states. Goldsmith hopes that a clarification of that intent, which is misplaced in an organized dance music industry, will allow promoters to safeguard their patrons and reduce the risk of drug-related emergencies.

Food and Drink: Located on the first level of the Westcott with comfortable proximity to the stage is a bar that serves a variety of alcoholic beverages, beers, and bottled water. The Westcott also has a water fountain on its first level located towards the back of the floor. Food is rarely sold at the venue, but at select events, particularly electronic dance music entertainment, gum and lollipops are sold at the merchandise stand towards the back of the theater on the first floor by the water fountain. No outside food or drink is ever permitted.

Community Standing: Recently, the Westcott has been receiving some bad press due to excessive noise complaints. After a show on March 4th of this year that ran past until 2 AM and received several noise complaints, the venue has become increasingly attentive to concerns of the community and to being more considerate of its volume post-shows. The Westcott has even gone as far as telling artists that they may not park their tour buses too close to the venue, and giving them a strict curfew by which they have to be off stage. In addition to noise complaints, after a part of the ceiling collapsed during a show in October of 2012 injuring many people, numerous safety concerns flooded the theater. The Westcott also often suffers from technological difficulties during electronic dance music shows, as the volume of the artists during their sets often exceeds what the equipment at the theater is capable of accommodating.

The typical set up for the Performing Arts schedule includes one speaker and one comedian a year. The events are typically held in Goldstein Auditorium, with tickets typically priced at five dollars ($5.00). Events for speakers either include a moderator, or the speaker will prepare a presentation and speech about his or her organization, cause, or work. Comedians present their stand up routines in the typical manner. Given a stage and whatever props they may require, comedians are given free reign to perform whatever material they would like. In the cases of Bo Burnham and Demetri Martin, the only accompaniment they needed were two musical instruments and a sketchpad and easel, respectively.


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