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Jack Thompson

[S1E8] Housekeeping BEST

Rosie is (presumably) the head of the housekeeping department/staff at Surfer's Paradise. According to Lo in the first episode of the series, Rosie has known Lo since she was a baby. One her duties is training new maids that have come to the hotel, seeing as how she had to leave Lo to clean up the penthouse to go and train the new maids (one of whom was Fin McCloud) who had come to the hotel as part of the summer staff. Rosie is the direct supervisor of Fin (and later Lo, when she gets transferred to the housekeeping staff in Endless Bummer).

[S1E8] Housekeeping

Tuesday starts with the acknowledgment of Code Red's 40th Birthday and gives their shout outs. After housekeeping the Blonde Asian shares one of her many fears, Mt. Everest. They press forward discussing the Michigan State Fair, Good Will Hunting, Johnny Depp, our 20s in the club, "childhood" screen names, frustration with sending attachments, quicksand and Carmen San Diego! If we chatted about it and we think its to your benefit, we will post the link down belowYouTube Channel: We strive to be your #1 company after you have dinner at Red Lobster and need the comfort. IG: @100percenttuesday e-mail: 041b061a72


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