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[S1E3] Stormy Weather

The episode begins with the finale of the KIDZ+ television contest to find a new weather girl. It's all down to two contestants: Mireille Caquet and Aurore Beauréal. The voting is up to the viewers at home.

[S1E3] Stormy Weather

The akuma finds Aurore in an elevator, embedding itself into her parasol. Hawk Moth proposes to make Aurore into the best weather girl the world has seen, so long as she can get Ladybug's and Cat Noir's Miraculouses, to which Aurore agrees. From the elevator emerges the purple and white supervillain, Stormy Weather.

At the Place des Vosges, the weather becomes worse. Firefighters work with axes to dig Manon and Alya out, but the ice becomes thicker and more jagged. Alya cannot distract Manon from the fact the ice is groaning and pulls her back under the carousel, and the two girls show fear.

Ladybug opens one of the bus's windows and holds on to Cat Noir's staff. Cat Noir lengthens it, allowing Ladybug to get out and pull him up afterward. A nearby digital billboard turns on, revealing Stormy Weather giving the weather. She casts all of France in eternal winter, and it begins to snow. Cat Noir brushes her threat off, stating that he would've looked good in a swimsuit. In the same tone, Ladybug responds that the cat suit is good enough. She knows where Stormy Weather is. Together, Cat Noir and Ladybug rush to the KIDZ+ studio.

When they arrive, Cat Noir points out a picture of Aurore, and the two realize that her parasol has the akuma in it. The two move along, running to the recording area, busting open the doors on the way. They find it empty and learn that the weather forecast was prerecorded. Laughing, Stormy Weather appears in the doorway behind Ladybug and Cat Noir. She aims a blast at the lights, taking out all of the lights in the building. A couple of them fall as she does this. Laughing, Stormy Weather runs off.

On the Seabrooke, Junior is looking to top off the tanks and go home. The third time through the string has very low numbers, and the weather radio broadcast forecasts 40-knot winds with 14-18-foot seas. Switching to later that night on the Time Bandit, the forecast is for east 50-knot winds and 24-foot seas with fog and rain.

On the Wizard, Captain Keith knows he's in for "three-four days of bad weather, some of that hellaciously bad", as he's already experiencing sustained 65-mph winds gusting to 80 and 90. As the brunt of the storm hits, the Captains are left to decide how much pain to endure before calling crews off the rails.

Sig, Johnathan, Andy and Keith offer a preview of Season 9. Discussion topics: "Old vs. Young" (old guys staying in the game vs. new guys like Elliott and Junior); "Sibling Rivalries" among the Hansen, Hillstrand and Colburn brothers about sharing the helm (with guest Captain/deck boss Edgar); "Where We Left Off" (recapping Season 8's slashed quotas and early descending ice pack); "The Off Season" (what the Captains did for fun or work between seasons, including the Time Bandit engine and hull upgrades); "Wild Bill" the weatherman for The Bait, and also fired by the Kodiak's owners after Season 8 for losing crab pots due to the early descending ice pack; "The Josh Harris Situation": Johnathan and Andy interview Josh about the situation with him, his brother Jake, and three years of frustration trying to purchase the Cornelia Marie (with flashbacks from After the Catch IV and After the Catch VI).

Opening with scenes depicting Opilio fishing described in Mike Rowe's introduction as "fouled by weather", the Captains and crews are having some anger management issues over another very bad Opilio weather season, especially Zack and crew on the Cape Caution, a deckhand fight on the Wizard and Captain Andy and the Time Bandit crew of veteran deckhands.

Wild Bill delivers a typical rainy Seattle weather report, with Edgar providing the garden hose rainfall. Back in studio, the Captains and Wild Bill discuss lousy fishing, Mikey having a new girlfriend back in Oregon, and Zack berating the old man for the bad numbers. During a break in taping, Johnathan and Andy try to poach Zack from Wild Bill until Bill sees what's going on. 041b061a72


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