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Matthew Diaz
Matthew Diaz

Femap With Nx Nastran Crack [EXCLUSIVE]ed

For the completion of this thesis, Al 2024-T3 samples were dimensioned and manufactured following best practices and results from classic plasticity theories. Analytical stress and strain calculations were compared to numerical solutions from elastic-plastic analysis using NX Nastran FEMAP, as well as experimental strain measurements calculated by calibrated Digital Image Correlation with the use of images taken during the cold-working process. The fatigue life was compared between pre-cracked open and cold expanded specimens. The crack growth was monitored using a digital optical microscope. The full analysis and stress/strain maps can help in further development to simulate a typical aerospace application, with test of a cold-worked hole in presence of a galvanic couple under aggressive environment to establish the impact of local residual stress in crack growth acceleration or formation of new cracks.

Femap With Nx Nastran Cracked


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