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The 2021 NCVS data file includes 150,138 household interviews. Overall, 67% of eligible households completed an interview. Within participating households, there were 238,043 personal interviews in 2021, representing an 82% unweighted response rate among eligible persons from responding households. Victimizations that occurred outside of the United States were excluded from this report. In 2021, about 0.4% of the unweighted victimizations occurred outside of the United States.

Estimates in NCVS reports generally use data from the 1993 to 2021 NCVS data files, weighted to produce annual estimates of victimization for persons age 12 or older living in U.S. households. Because the NCVS relies on a sample rather than a census of the entire U.S. population, weights are designed to adjust to known population totals and to compensate for survey non-response and other aspects of the sample design.

NCVS data files include person, household, victimization, and incident weights. Person weights provide an estimate of the population represented by each person in the sample. Household weights provide an estimate of the U.S. household population represented by each household in the sample. After proper adjustment, both household and person weights are also typically used to form the denominator in calculations of crime rates. For personal crimes, the incident weight is derived by dividing the person weight of a victim by the total number of persons victimized during an incident as reported by the respondent. For property crimes, the incident weight and the household weight are the same because the victim of a property crime is considered to be the household as a whole. The incident weight is most frequently used to calculate estimates of the number of crimes committed against a particular class of victim.

To permit cross-year comparisons that were inhibited by the 2016 sample redesign, BJS created a revised data file. Estimates for 2016 are based on the revised file and replace previously published estimates. For more information, see Criminal Victimization, 2016: Revised (NCJ 252121, October 2018).

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The 2019 Survey of Consumer Finances (SCF) is the most recent survey conducted. Below are links to the bulletin article, interactive chartbook, historical bulletin tables, full public dataset, extract dataset, replicate weight files, and documentation.

WARNING: Please review the following PDF for instructions on how to calculate correct standard errors. As a result of multiple imputation, the dataset you are downloading contains five times the number of actual observations. Failure to account for the imputations and the complex sample design will result in incorrect estimation of standard errors.

Special note to R users: An outside programmer has created scripts for converting and working with SCF data. These scripts are available for download from: -of-consumer-finances-scf.html

SAS formatThe full final survey data are available to the public in two SAS transport formats that may be used with the current version of SAS. (Help is available for importing these files as SAS data sets.) One version is created using PROC CPORT; this is the smaller of the two files. The second one is created using PROC COPY with the EXPORT option; this file may be particularly convenient for users who do not have access to SAS, but who do have some means of translating the data set to another form using a software package that does not support CPORT files.

ASCII formatThe variables included in the ASCII format have exactly the same values as those in the SAS and Stata data set. The layout of the variables is given by a format file, which is provided in Excel and tab-delimited formats. Note that under certain operating systems the end of record marker will add one character to the record length listed in the format file.

SDA analysis toolA program provided by a third party for the online analysis of summary variables such as the statistics found in the Federal Reserve Bulletin article. SDA is developed and maintained by the Computer-assisted Survey Methods Program (CSM) at the University of California, Berkeley. The Help/FAQ file linked to at the top of the SDA page provides instructions on how to perform analysis of the data.

MR Interview (r) Computer Code used for Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI)The 2019 survey data were collected using CAPI. A copy of the source code for the program is provided below. In previous years of the SCF, an executable version of the CAPI program has been provided, but for 2019, only a text version of the program code is available. Right click and choose save, then change the file extension to .mdd and this should allow licensed users of MR Interview to use the file with the software.

A set of sample replicates has been created with bootstrap techniques and analysis weights have been computed independently for each replicate. Analysts may use these weights to make approximate estimates of sampling variance. Replicate weights corresponding to X42001 are available. See the codebook (txt) for more details. When uncompressed and restored to a V9.1.3 engine SAS data set, each file requires approximately 70 MB of disk space.

* Some browser versions will download these files in unzipped form; the resulting files may require up to 72 MB of disk space. All of the versions of the full and summary extract public data sets are provided in compressed form as WINZIP files. Return to text

To enrich the value of device profiles and their security context, Claroty integrates with numerous Microsoft systems. Microsoft DHCP enriches Claroty data by adding accurate IP assignment information. Claroty's integration with Microsoft Intune enriches mobile managed device profiles with OS, application version, and other security attributes. Claroty's integration with Microsoft Active Directory is yet another path to data elements that provide additional asset visibility and profiling context. For patch management, Claroty's integration to Microsoft SCCM improves OS and application visibility for domain attached devices to improve passive vulnerability correlation precision and overall coverage. Claroty's integration with Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (MDATP) enables cloud application discovery and is supportive of DLP strategies. 041b061a72


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