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Where Can I Buy Feather Earrings !LINK!

Feather earrings are just what you need to get in touch with nature. Go ahead and express your wild side! Be unique and make a statement with our dyed or natural feather earrings. You can be sure that when you buy Arte Designs Feather Jewelry, no birds are harmed and you'll always receive beautiful and unique fluffy feather earrings with exceptional workmanship. As seen on TV shows and in fashion magazines.

where can i buy feather earrings


Not all jewelry is created equal. Yes, you can find feather earrings that cost less at other places, but you will get what you pay for. Here are 8 great reasons to buy quality feather earrings from Arte Designs. How I make feather earrings by Kim Lee Ozawa:

1. No birds are harmed and no exotic bird feathers are used (unless they're molted from my own parrot). After a great deal of research, I finally found suppliers that support the ethical treatment of birds. There is no need to harm birds. They naturally molt their feathers to replace old or damaged ones. This can limit my inventory supply, but I prefer to wait than to harm birds. I own a Yellow-naped Amazon Parrot and love birds. I would never harm them or profit from someone else harming them.

3. Since natural feathers are one-of-a-kind, there will be slight variations in color, size, and shape. I match them up as close as possible and spend hours sorting through them, discarding the bad ones and matching up the beautiful fluffy ones.

6. All feather earrings are handmade by me, so I am able to offer custom made pieces. You can choose a single earring or a pair, type of metal, and length preference. Average price range is $18 to $25.

7. Arte Designs has been in business since 1999, is one of the first to offer a wide variety of handmade feather earrings online (Made in USA), and has sold to 26 countries and counting. My workmanship has been perfected through experience.

8. Not only are my real feather earrings made with exceptional care, but they have also caught the attention of Hollywood and the fashion elite. Arte Designs feather jewelry has been seen on TV shows, worn on celebrities, fashion designers, fashion magazine editors, and featured in Lucky Magazines.

"Kim, I am so glad I found your site. I bought very, very cheap feather earrings from Etsy and they fell apart after wearing them only once. They looked like fishing lures! Yours are not only so much prettier, but they're quality made and look like real earrings. Thank you!" - New York, NY

"Dear Kim, I only want to inform you that the earrings arrived today. I like all four pairs very much - fantastic feathers! Have a good day, take care - sometime I will need new ones regards." - Hamburg, Germany

The Narrow Feather Earrings are thin feather hoops. Very light and easy to wear! The large earrings are 1.6" in diameter, the medium (debuted in 2021, on the blonde model) are 1" in diameter and the small (new for 2022) are 5/8"...about the size of a Narrow Feather Ring in a size 5.

Grainger McKoy presents to you jewelry for women, inspired by his personal gifts to his wife, as well as gifts for men, fine sterling silver pieces for the home, table & baby gifts, plus limited edition, life-sized sculptures available for purchase online. We invite you to step inside where you'll find the work of a great American Artist and Sculptor.

Modern glam meets retro chic! Here we have a combination of the biggest style trend all within one accessory! Gold accents, blush pink, gem stones, and feathers! These will dress up and glamorize any outfit instantly!

Earthy tones, turquoise and feathered leather... a combination so gorgeous, its perfect for everyday wear or for a special occasion! These leather feather earrings are the perfect combo of subtle and stunning!

Can we say PUNK ROCK? These handmade, edgy feather earrings will give your ensemble a retro rock look while looking stunning in the process. Let down your hair and be the wild child you were born to be!

**The earrings pictured are an example of the pair you will receive. As is the charm of all handmade items, each pair may have minor variances in the leather and the tooling. This ensures that each Colladay Leather product you purchase is truly one-of-a-kind.

The delicate feather pendant is an iconic symbol of freedom, inspiration and travel, making it a great talisman for your travels or for every day wear. The pendant hangs from a slim Sterling Silver hoop which can be fastening easily with the needle clicking in to place. The hoop outside diameter is approx 12mm.

Class Description: This is a great class for you if you are brand new to silversmithing or want to add a unique project to your jewelry repertoire. In this workshop students will gain experience in basic fabrication including piercing, sawing , shaping and soldering. The finished earrings are sure to gain attention.

One of the most beautiful symbols of freedom and lightness. But also one of the greatest pride of our craftsmanship. Our feather earrings, handmade in our workshop, come to life in the hands of our feather experts, to fly away to you.

Cut slits along each curved side of your feather. I cut mine fairly close together and end halfway to the middle of the feather. This is where you can customize your feathers to look however you want.

Choosing from a small set of two or three earrings is not as much fun as choosing from a huge collection of tassel earrings, feather earrings and quilling earrings, right? Be it for a wedding, a party or a regular day at work, the right choice of earrings can go a long way in making a difference to your appearance. And with online shopping, this just got more fun. Browsing through the different styles of ear studs, drop earrings, traditional earrings and dangle earrings from brands like Aaishwarya, Oomph, V K Jewels, Divastri and Yellow Chimes is going to leave you awed at the variety available. That being said, we shall now have a brief look at a few must-haves that your collection of earrings should include:

A pair of tiny stud earrings can go a long way in taking your look in a formal shirt or a business suit to the next level. While browsing through stud earrings online, you'll find a range of diamond earrings, ruby earrings and so much more that you can buy for an interesting variety in your collection. You can even shop for stud earrings online to find traditional earrings that you can wear with Anarkali suits and other Western outfits.

Drop earrings, like stud earrings, are great to pair with formal outfits. Drop earrings are designed to fall a little below the earlobes, which makes them formal and at the same time fun to wear. It is for this reason that drop earrings are a good choice for those who are not satisfied with the simple and minimalistic look of stud earrings.

Jhumkas, paisley designs and Kundan stones - these are just a few of the many styles that you will find when you shop for long earrings online in traditional designs. A good collection of traditional earrings makes dressing up in sarees and other ethnic wear fun. You can also shop for traditional earrings online to find a range of ruby earrings in designs that can look lovely with ethnic suits. The bright shade of ruby earrings goes a long way in taking your look to the next level.

Once used for decorating materials like baskets in the Great Lakes area, Quill today is popularly used in earrings. Once flattened, this material is colored with natural dyes and then moulded into attractive patterns from floral designs to geometric shapes. Quilling earrings come in unique shapes and forms that make them so much fun to wear. While shopping for quilling earrings online, you'll find a range of dangle earrings, drop earrings and stud earrings to suit different occasions. 041b061a72


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