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Fr Configurator Sw3 Software 196

The documentation set for this product strives to use bias-free language. For the purposes of this documentation set, bias-free is defined as language that does not imply discrimination based on age, disability, gender, racial identity, ethnic identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and intersectionality. Exceptions may be present in the documentation due to language that is hardcoded in the user interfaces of the product software, language used based on RFP documentation, or language that is used by a referenced third-party product. Learn more about how Cisco is using Inclusive Language.

fr configurator sw3 software 196


Some of the switches have built-in support in software and hardware to do inter-VLAN routing. With inter-VLAN routing, no external device, modules, or daughter cards are required. Here are examples of such switches:

For Cisco Catalyst Switches that run Cisco IOS software, the VLAN information is on a separate file named vlan.dat . If the vlan.dat file is deleted accidently and the switch gets reloaded, all the VLANs that were available on the switch are lost. Until the switch is reloaded, the VLAN information is present in the switch.

Layer 3 LAN ports, WAN interfaces and subinterfaces, and some software features, such as RSPAN, use internal VLANs in the extended range. You cannot use an extended range VLAN that is allocated for internal use.

This message indicates that the VLAN software failed to use the VLAN configuration from the startup configuration file. The VLAN configuration is stored in the vlan.dat file. The vlan.dat file resides in non-volatile memory. When the Supervisor module is replaced, vlan.dat is empty (0). On bootup, the switch compares the VTP domain name and VTP mode in the startup configuration file and the vlan.dat file. If the values do not match, the switch uses the configuration in the vlan.dat file.


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